Thursday, June 3, 2010

The beauty of Mahogany Furniture Desk

Table is one of the furniture that you often use as a furniture material in your favorite room. In this type of furniture mahogany table desk furniture that is one concept is very good and also very beautiful. Where premises design, color, design, drawers, desk designs, design, shape and design table legs are so beautiful desk that will make you more anxious to have it.

Desk has a mahogany furniture design so much and also profit. In these advantages make this furniture became one of the prime furniture and office furniture is also a place of learning. Of this number only achieve 24 drawer drawer consisting of a small drawer and large drawers. With the advantage is feasible, if you will be interested to have it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Women's Time to Lead

Women's Time to Lead
Jepara is famous for its women heroes, Queen Kalinyamat and also RA Kartini. From hero - a hero is one hero who is no stranger in the town of Jepara even to the 2nd hero is a point to the glass itself to everyone in Jepara women's participation in its leadership.

Starting from early childhood education will make women's leadership in Jepara will be able to work more actively in the life male. Hence be able to imitate the heroic in Jepara city areas of cultural empowerment, such as size and also Indonesia furniture.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Indonesia Furniture of Color Bereau

Furniture elegant furniture is one of them uses the characteristic colors of the furniture is cash. On furniture bereau wear colors that show characteristics of the furniture bereau cash that is with color use capucino. Why furniture bereau using cappuccino color, that is the reason for cappuccino color is the color that shows indonesia furniture is furniture.

And why Indonesia furniture capucino choose colors because the color is very elegant in one made of wood color balance with the natural color from the color of wood furniture made in the basic materials.